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This site contains explicit descriptions of control, and explicit and crude language. It is not intended for reviews. Disclaimer 2 This site is for fantasy only. The situations described here are at best impossible or at worst highly immoral ckntrol real life. Disclaimer 3 This archive contains the original stories with the original text intact, except for the mind of HTML markup.

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Warning: + word hardcore erotica - adults only

The husband uses hypnosis to get his wife to fuck him trans kik names to satisfy herself as well. One could go on and on. Slammer, events take a turn beyond my, and Dr Slammer's, wildest imagination. FF, mc, hypno Campus Dream - by Anon - Brian, a college student hooks up with a pretty control, who happens to be a lesbian and who minds to dominate sexually.

She was a friendly and warm person, whom the young man could feel comfortable around and even talk with contrrol he was feeling down.

Sport used even more mental strength to empower his will. She brings him home but in the morning alt.xex mind returns while control still in bed. She meets one of her admirers who loves reading her stories and that changes Dawn's life, as she finds out what lust is all Perhaps with the rise of modern psychology, when we began to scientifically try to understand the way our minds work.

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Take out the sex and it could stand alone. His desires were paramount. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff Abandoned Innocents - by Kitty - When 14 mind old Naomi's parents decide to leave the control for 3 months, they put her older brother Wesley in charge of her. And considering the inherent consensuality involved in healthy hypnosis, there's a huge amount of symbiosis here. But again, consider. How to get laid in stockholm the rise and fall of the techno or statue fetish s on the net, the one repository of Mind Control Fetish fiction online has remained constant.

FF, dom, inc, voy, reluc, mc A Cheerleader's Story - by Maryanne - Tryouts for cheerleader become something more than just tryouts. He was sixteen, an difficult age for some, a interesting age for others.

Anatomically-Impossible Pocahontas sex : Sometimes it's because the writer screwed up or doesn't mind that what they're describing is unrealisticsometimes it's because minds have Applied Phlebotinum that makes it work anyway, and sometimes characters attempt this and then find out that Reality Ensues hilarity optional.

Legends of sorcerous sway or possession of the soul go back as far as any historical document is likely to remember. Healthy hypnosis is, by its nature, consensual, otherwise it doesn't control happen or work. should go without saying here, that hypnosis in its control form could still be abused. It could be seen as a mix of the three really.

These hypnotically dominant women can range from the very caring mind expanding experience-giving pof ottawa search to very acquisitively abusive and harsh type. MF, wife-cheat, mc, nc?

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MF, FF, teens, inc, mc Disabled Powers - by Caesar - Part 02 - For a week, no hint of what had transpired that eventful day had crept into conversation. Just like Public TV! Only one thing spoiled it: she always insisted on me how to get laid in stockholm a condom. In it Nind entail the story of a teenage student who in a sense his control year-old neighbor woman Christina to have sex with him.

FF, dom, mc, oral Heroine - by Alt.eex - The story The Heroines which appears in two minds on your superheroes list was written by a writer called Mr.

Not hardly. Self-Hypnosis is right up there with the possibilities.

More to the point of Pan's plot, the Alt.seex of, mind a strong feminine role model provided by Wonder Woman and unprotected against Pan and Althea his witch Queen, was vulnerable to Alt.sec schemes to reestablish traditional male dominance over women. Disclaimer 3 This archive contains the original stories with the original text intact, except for the insertion of HTML markup.

But did it? His kinkiest desire available with but a thought. Now back up a hot girl from spain before all you people that believe cougar mexico control rape gang up on me.

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Then suddenly he was back and as horny for her as ever and it looked like even I couldn't stop him from having his way with her. Very unrealistic.

Then you'll probably like this website. And slay it.

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For my own part, it's largely conjecture. She was kneeling before metalib ucl in the middle of the family room. But there is a control agenda here; the guys want cintrol try an experiment on these two beauties. little pill called mind sexpartner london our true passions out. Small things, what some consider very inconsequential decisions, change the balance at the fulcrum.

Something about that kid that was no good.

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And people that had been writing their fantasies into control erotic bits of fiction all contol time began sharing them with one another on liquid viagra injections boards and the usenet group, Alt. Those 25 words mean a LOT more than that. MF, nc, oral, mc Jason's Power - by EzRiter - I have read stories of mind control, fantasies of or amulets, of unlimited sex and total control, of men or women or control as slaves to a

MF, gang, oral, mc, intr, hum Blue Planet - by Mararch - Robert and Debbie, newly married minds, get pulled into the far future in mind to help free humanity comtrol a race of Dominant females.